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So, for a while now, I've been interested in setting up a weekly newsletter, to show people who subscribe to it new cool stuff in the website - this will help with keeping people up to date if they're interested!

To do this, I decided to use, which is a free (to begin with) platform for creating mail-to lists and newsletters. I say "to begin with", as, if I were to pass 2.5k subscribers, I have to start paying a monthly rate! It wasn't entirely free, however, as to use sender, I need a domain email address. What's that? An email address under this domain, I bought, which is a monthly payment, and costs a fair bit.

In the future, I might set up a Patreon or similar, as I'd really love to do this sort of stuff full time, Pygrr and my games - in fact, it even costs £100 to release a game on Steam, the worlds biggest video game platform... Anyways, that'll come with benefits, and it'd just help with supporting me to develop more, especially on educational apps like Pygrr, and others that will come after it...

So! On the first day, I set up my newsletter design on Sender, and, I must say, it turned out quite well!

I started off by creating a "new posts" section, where I list the new posts. As you can see, I wasn't really sure what to put to the left of them... I experimented with vector art, then realised that drawing one for each post would be too much effort! 

It didn't even look that nice, and, as you can see, it broke on the mobile skin... 

I then messed around with patterns and backgrounds, and that didn't look too bad, but I think I know how to bring it to the next level... Blob time!

I only spent a few minutes drawing these blobs, and, they might not look too cool on their own, but when I put them on the newsletter, they'll look awesome, trust me...

Boom! They make it look epic! And on mobile it looks the same, very very cool...

Time to set up a subscription widget, and, 2 hours later, here we go:

Now for creating the page on this website... I've added to the your data page, and created this new page - newsletter sign-up. With that done, I can call this job a day! It all works, and you can subscribe with that link. First email will be sent this Saturday!

Isaac, over and out...

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