Pygrr's Homepage

Welcome to Pygrr's homepage! If you've stumbled across this page, and don't know what Pygrr is, or just want to refresh your memory, read this post - the Principles of Pygrr.

To put it short, Pygrr is a free game development tool I'm working on for Python - it is designed to be for ages 10-16, but can be used to teach any age of beginners the workings of coding and also game development. It is made to be very applicable to other languages / engines, but also very accessible!

You can read about it's development via my Pygrr section of the sidebar archive, or on the archive page. See my progress on this Trello board.

Join Pygrr's discord to talk to likeminded people and grow in the world of programming!

If you want to link to this page, use this shortlink:

Keep an eye out for more updates! ;)

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