Social links: elegant web design

So, currently I only have 2 social links on this website (that is, links to another website or service);

  • Email
  • The Fossil Forum

And these can only be found in text at the bottom of the about me page. In this post, I'll seek to change that! I will add links to two more programming services - and GitHub. I could waffle on about how amazing they both are, which, they truly are, but that's not what I'm here to do!

Let's add them to the about me... Done! But I want something a little more... Attractive, and elegant. To do this, most websites have the logos of the links in the bottom of the website, as an image link. No text, just an image.

Of course, I must adhere to the social norm... Except! I wanted to make them fit with the website a bit more, so I took the theme colour, #2e654a, and applied it to all of the services' logos! Except the email one, I had to draw that myself... Oh, and the Fossil Forum one too, I traced it from a bitmap! Vector art is pretty fun!

Here they are:

Now all I have to do is add them to the bottom of the website! A pretty easy task, with a nice result!

Isaac, over and out...

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