About Me

Hey! I'm IsaacTheFossilMan, or IsaacTFM - based in South England, UK.

Some of my proudest coding moments include creating my own sorting algorithms, to making my first game, or my pixel art editor, or my physics simulations - or even my server I coded on Python! Lots of projects are in this website, take a look at my archive.

I speak fluent German and English, having also studied French for 5 years, and a little bit of Italian, Dutch and Icelandic.

My programming strengths - I've been programming for 11 years, since I was just 7 years old:


  • Unity Game Engine
  • Godot Game Engine
  • HTML5, CSS and JavaScript
  • Visual Basic
  • Python (Py2 and Py3)
  • C, C++, C#
    Other programming affluence:    
  • I am a full-stack web developer, specialising in Python
  • I have a vast experience in all programming paradigms, primarily using Object-Oriented and Structured programming
  • I frequently handle databases, utilising data with SQL, RegEx and JSON
My YouTube (IsaacTFM)

Isaac, over and out...

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